We did it!

Greetings fellow warriors of Crom!
Due to having a lot of things to take care of in-game, we haven’t been able to update this page for quite some while. The last 30 days has been really good for The Unforgiven, and we’ve successfully reached our goals mentioned in the earlier updates.

Burning down the keep

Our main goal 1 month ago, was to successfully claim a battle-keep from one of the guilds fighting against us. Our plan was originally Affinitys keep, but we wanted to step it up and attack the guild claiming to be the best, Destiny. Our first attack was planned on 25th of December, although that was not very popular with the other alliance. We got a thread named after us on the official forum titled “The Unforgiven LOL”, calling us the lamest guild on the server when attacking on Christmas day. They also said that The Unforgiven wasn’t able to take a keep when it was defended, so we cancelled the attack. We proved them wrong by bashing through their forces on the 28th of December, and finally claimed our well earned Battle-keep!

Descent to the Thoth-Amon’s stronghold

Tier 3 raiding is coming up real fast as we all know. The mysteries of that new raid instance need to be solved.Our advanced scout team has been gathering information on the secrets of Thoth-Amon’s stronghold for a while now.We haven’t been able to claim any victories yet but that time is at hand. Until Thoth-Amon’s hits live servers we will be focusing hard on gathering as much information as possible on test-live.

This will assure that we will be among the first guilds on server to down these new baddies.

New members and Guild Screenshot!

The last weeks we’ve been doing some recruiting in-game, and managed to get a hold of some nice people! We would like to reach out a big welcome to all of our new members, and hope that they enjoy being present in The Unforgiven. To celebrate the beginning of the new year in Hyboria with our new friends, we decided to gather for a guild photo-shoot. For this occasion all put on their finest and took their yearly baths and some even combed their hair, below you can see a miniature of the picture we created. As a result to having 40+ members online, all our necromancers got so drunk that they decided to head to Yakhmars cave. A fight broke out and was over even before it had begun. Someone even managed to time the run and sand in the hourglass told it was 2 minutes 8 seconds.

We want to apologize Yakhmar for this crude intrusion. Investigation is ongoing for finding out who brought that Cimmerian ale to the party since Stygians just can’t hold their liquor.

Website updates

We would like to use this website even more, so from now on we will present one of our guild members on the site each week with in-game photo and a little interview!

The Unforgiven

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