Alive and kicking!

The Unforgiven are alive and well, though updates on the website has been scarce lately.

This spring we killed Archfiend of Gore and Archlector Zaal in the Temple of Elrik! After a summer break, where our members have had time to enjoy weather and family, we are very eager to pick up raiding again and we will start off by doing some guild raids in Thoth Amons Stronghold. After a few months, we will move on to Jade Citadel. If you are reading this, and considering to join a new guild, The Unforgiven is the right choice if you value PvE content and having fun in a mature community while doing it.

Guild website redesign and updates

We launched our new guild website today, with a new look and some updated content!

There are still some details that needs to be sorted out, but all in all this should already be a steady improvement from the previous version – and a solid base for a growing guild that needs new recruits for regular raiding. Keep this page bookmarked and comment on the guild news, and spread the word about The Unforgiven!

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