Progression being done in T4


About time with an update on the state of things with us! The guild is doing rather well, and activity is good.

We have had a raiding alliance with Crucible since January 2013. We have been doing very well, and we have farm status on General Sheng, Basilisk and Imp in T4. Progression is being made on Zodiac, and we are closing in on our first kill there! We are raiding in Jade Citadel on wednesday and thursday, and we have a weekly T3 run on sunday.

We are always open for new applications, though it may be tough to get into the raid squad.

Thats it for now, cheers,


The Unforgiven need more raiders!

The Unforgiven need more raiders for our raids in Thoth-Amons Stronghold. We are searching for players that have good personalities and wish to participate in raids with a good attitude. Please see the recruitment page to see which classes are open for recruitment!

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