Recruitment information

The Unforgiven is looking for friendly, mature players who can fight alongside us both in PvE and PvP. We do not tolerate cheating or exploiting, and want to keep a friendly, clean language in guild chat. If this sounds like you, please fill out an application.

Recruitment status


Bear Shaman: Open
Priest of Mitra: Open
Tempest of Set: Open


Demonologist: Open
Herald of Xotli: Open
Necromancer: Closed


Assassin: Open
Ranger: Open


Conqueror: Closed
Dark Templar: Closed
Guardian: Open

Recruitment is open for PvE players with raiding experience and/or the right attitude. You are welcome to fill out an application even if you are one of the classes marked as “Closed”, as players needed is a dynamic process. We are closed for PvP players unless you are also interested in PvE, we do welcome any application but will be hard to enter if you are only interested in PvP.

To apply, fill out an application on our recruitment forum section. All applications are read by the recruitment officers, and will receive an answer.

Questions regarding recruitment can be directed to one of our recruitment officers Alandalara, Kiresh, Highstank, Odinia or Shax.