DKP – What’s that all about?

The Unforgiven DKP System

Many of you have probably heard the word DKP, and most of you probably know what it means aswell. DKP stands for Dragon Kill Points, and it’s a system invented to reward players in each encounters by giving them points for each boss you kill. We are not doing it this way.

So what kind of twist are we running?

We run a timebased DKP system, where we only reward the time you spend in raids with your chosen character. 20 minutes of actual raidtime gives you 1 DKP and a complete raid will award you with 9 DKP averagely. If you are signed for a raid and meet up outside the raidinstance 15 minutes before, you will most likely be given +1 DKP for signing and +2 for being there 15 minutes before the raid starts. If you are signed and confirmed, and manage to join 15 minutes after the raidstart you will be penalized with -3 DKP. That is if you haven’t left a note saying you are going to be late. All of this will reward you with a fine sum that you can spend to “buy” items from the lootchests.

The buying

Many guilds run a bidding round for each item that drops, something we feel is to spend to much time on the loot. The best way for us is to look at the player within the correct class with most points and asking them if they want to buy the item. If they haven’t got it, they get to buy the item with their points. If they already have the item, we browse down the list until someone buys it. The costs for each item is calculated from the difficulty of the encounter aswell as rareness, e.g. a pair of boots is way cheaper than a helmet.

Why do we have a DKP system? Wouldn’t it be better to go with need and greed?

Our main reason for implementing the DKP system into our guild, was to protect our members from greedy guildhoppers that join a guild – get the gear from need and greed and then hops along to the next guild. We reward participation with gear, so we felt that it would be best for our members to come first.