Code of conduct

The Unforgiven Raid Rules and Guidelines

1. Sign up for the raids

Everyone must sign up for the raid beforehand on our DKP site, even for raids that do not use DKP, e.g. alt raids. This is to allow the raid leader to better plan the raid and see whether we have the required composition of players/classes for the raid.

Signing and showing up before raid start gives +1 DKP. If you sign but do not show up by raid start (without prior notice) you get a penalty of -3 DKP.

2. Who can sign

In main raids, you can sign with your main character. Guild members of Veteran rank or higher can sign with an alt character (see Ranking System rules for details).

In alt raids, you can sign with one of your alt characters. Main characters are allowed to sign only if we have already cleared the instance(s) in question in main raids earlier during the raid week. This is to avoid binding main characters to the instances thus preventing successful main raids.

For joining main raids or T2 alt raids, there is a minimum requirement that your character is level 80 and has at least two epics (T1 armor/weapon or greater) and the rest full T0 gear.

3. Show up on time

Everyone signed to a raid is expected to meet up outside at the raid instance no later then 15 minutes before the raid starts ready for invite. If you do not show up in time for raid start, you forfeit your raid spot.

Signed players showing up at invite start time (15 minutes before raid start) get +2 DKP.

4. Participate in the entire raid

Raiders are expected to participate in the entire raid. Raid start and end times are posted on the DKP site. If you are not able to participate in the entire raid, let the raid leader know in advance by posting a note on the DKP site.

Repeatedly showing up late or leaving early or being AFK during encounters, even if posting a note, may lead to DKP penalties, raid kick or lower priority of invite in future raids. Emergency situations are of course an exception to this rule.

5. Invites

Raid leader performs invites and arranges teams so don’t start mass tell or yell at guild chat.

Order of invites is decided by guild rank, followed by order of signing. Several spots are reserved for the different ranks, see the Ranking System rules for details. If not enough people of a given rank are signed, priority is given to higher ranking members. Unsigned players are invited last.

Some encounters need a special setup. If the raid leader feels that your class is not needed for the specific encounters, you may be asked to sit out the raid or stay as a reinforcement (see next point). When we do this we will secure a raidspot for you in a future raid.

6. Reinforcements

If raid is full, some people may be asked to stay outside raid instance with their character as reinforcements in case someone has to leave the raid. Reinforcements are allowed to play with another character in the meantime, but are required to respond to invite by raid leader within 5 minutes.

Reinforcements will be awarded half the amount of DKP of a regular raider. If the player does not respond to invite to raid within 5 minutes, he receives no DKP and gets a penalty of -3 DKP.

7. Switching characters

Switching characters during the raid requires explicit permission from the raid leader.

8. Be on Ventrilo

Everyone is required to be on Ventrilo so they can hear messages and orders from the raid leader. There is no requirement for microphone.

During encounters, players are expected to stay quiet so that orders from the raid leader or other people coordinating e.g. tanking or healing are not missed.

9. Be prepared

Players are expected to be prepared for the raid encounters, both in terms of having the required gear (armor, potions, food, etc.), knowing how to play their class in raids, and knowing the general tactic of the encounters. For class and raid encounter guides, please see the appropriate sections on the forum.

10. Be focused

Everyone should focus on the raid at hand. Please don’t offtrack with general chatter on raid chat or Ventrilo about everything else during encounters.

11. Penalties

Penalties for breaking these rules include but are not limited to DKP penalty and raid kick. Repeated violation of the rules may lead to temporary ban from raiding and ultimately guild kick.