Guild info

In May 2008, Age of Conan was released to thousands of online gamers around the world, and a guild titled Conans Royal Army arose from the abyss. It didn’t take long before Conans Royal Army developed to become one of the largest and most popular guilds on the PvE server Ymir, but that shouldn’t last for very long. The guild leader of CRA decided to resign from the guild leader position, and disbanded the whole guild in a matter of seconds. The members got scattered throughout Hyboria, leaving them guildless and alone in the grand world…

The Comeback

Two brave soldiers decided that even if it was the end of Conans Royal Army, it wasn’t going to be the end of a great community. Feeling betrayed and angry, we made a promise to never to forgive those that turned against us and look forward. On the 1st of September 2008, The Unforgiven was forged. A guild dedicated to regain its lost companions and re-establish the old community.

Time passed and The Unforgiven grew. With new members, empowered strength and firm goals, we were soon to show ourselvs as one of the raiding guilds on Ymir. At first we allied ourself with Svenska Krigare and Nordic Raiders, doing joined Tier 1 raids throughout Hyboria. After a while, The Unforgiven turned out to have more than enough members to perform their own Tier 1 raids, and the alliance was respectfully put on hold. We started out by beating Kyllikki and the Champion of the Honorguard in Kyllikkis Crypt and continued to Eiglophian Mountains where Yahkmar turned out to be an easy prey. Our biggest challenge at that time was by far Vistrix, the fearless dragon in Atzels Approach. Accompanied with his serpentarmy, he continously wiped us time after time, which was pretty tough after several wipes. At one time our current guild leader decided to drop his place, packed his bags and left the guild along with some others.

The Turning Point

It was at this critical moment that Azraille and Arttur took the remains of The Unforgiven, and set a new and improved course for the guild. We had to start over with completely new Raidleaders and a brand new team of Officers to make things go forward, and things did. Only a couple of weeks later the dragon Vistrix ate the dust, and we advanced from a normal raiding guild – to a successful raiding guild.

The next thing we know, we found ourself inside Black Ring Citadel where we fought off every single threat as they came along. Our very first raid in there, we beat the Gargoyle Master on our 2nd try! We advanced further into Black Ring Citadel, where bosses like Yaremka, Seruah and Chatah fell one by one. We were on a roll, and it felt like nothing could stop us now, and we were right, nothing did and nothing have stopped us so far. We have beaten every single encounter FunCom has thrown our way, we even have the completed Leviathus HC mode and crafted the Feather of Ibis.

If you would like to know how this story continues, visit our recruitment page!